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Writer and lover of all things Millennial pink, marketing, and good-habit-forming. The opinions expressed here are only those of the author’s.
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Good news, night owls: you don’t have to wake up at 5 am to be a productivity machine.

Night owl, early bird or whatever in between, getting your perfect morning routine down doesn’t necessarily involve going to bed at 9 pm and waking up at 5 am. “Morning” is whenever you’re ready to get to work. And the secret to getting that routine down isn’t (always) doing yoga, meditating or going for an early jog. It’s about getting what you need and setting yourself up for success throughout the day.

Know Your Learning Style Beyond “Left/Right”

Traditionally, learning style can be divided into “left/right,” as one…

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If content is king, does its quality matter? The entire goal of content marketing is to try and nurture or even convert leads. So long as people are looking at your blog/e-book/infographic and you’re collecting the information you need, that’s what counts. Even if you’re not writing content for marketing purposes, isn’t the important part is that people look at it?

In reality, quality is the crown content should wear. Whether it’s a free e-book, blog, infographic or something entirely different, you should be able to hang your hat on it. It’s great if people are engaging with your content…

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What is burnout? Besides sounding like a very ominous buzzword, burnout has become a real issue facing remote and office workers alike. Anyone can burn out and anyone is susceptible to it, from interns to CEOs. The more you carry unresolved stress, the more you play a waiting game of exhaustion and burnout.

“A-players” might brag on social media about how hard they’re #hustling all day. Or so-called “gurus” might be bragging about their tried-and-true method to get rich quick. But social media is the smallest window into someone’s life, full of posturing and outright fakery at times. Burnout is…

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No man’s land is a place of uncertainty. Historically speaking, it’s an area between two armies with no one occupying it, putting them at a stalemate. And if you’re unlucky enough to be in it… you might be stuck. You’re between two points, unable to move forward or backward.

You’re just stuck.

If you’ve felt the frustration of spinning your wheels, wanting to get things done but not knowing where to start, it can spiral out of control before you know it and leave you hovering and paralyzed. So how do you get out of no man’s land and back…

Trying to force creativity doesn’t work.

That’s not necessarily a radical idea. But when you’re sitting at your desk or maybe in your favorite chair, racking your brain to try and find just one more or three more ideas, it can feel like the energy has been sucked right out of you. The fatigue is the aftermath of a vampire swooping down and draining you dry of all the cool and boundary-pushing ideas you had before. And like a vampire, it feels like you’re fighting a monster. …

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Plenty of professionals have been told if you work hard and grind it out, you’ll eventually become a success. It’s an age-old lesson: hard work will be rewarded, either financially or psychologically. Hard work will distinguish you from others and demonstrate your value.

What isn’t taught in that particular lesson is that burnout and exhaustion come with working yourself to the bone.

Never taking a sick day, personal day, or vacation isn’t just a recipe for implosion — it’s a bad influence. Plenty of studies have proven unlimited PTO just leads to fewer days taken off from work.

Why? There…

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Writer’s block and creativity provoke either reverence or skepticism in a conversation. Depending on who you’re writing for—yourself, a client or an editor—there are going to be days where you run out of ideas. It’s inevitable.

When it happens, no one seems to want to really talk about what it means. Or the conversation circles back to the same advice: just work through it.

Writer’s block feels like surrender. It sounds like you’ve failed. If you’ve got a case of imposter syndrome, writer’s block confirms it. You’re a fraud.

Except you’re not.

Writer’s Block Doesn’t Mean You’re a Hack

Writer’s block doesn’t appear out of thin air…

Making New Year’s goals is like one giant hamster wheel. You promise yourself to do something — sometimes huge, sometimes not. You might stick to it (or not). Then, somewhere along the year, your goal has disappeared into thin air.


Sticking to a goal is hard. Sticking to a goal because everyone else is can be even harder. Wanting to thrive “like everyone else” is always at play in the back of your mind, even if it can be a distraction or toxic. …

The feeling of success is unlike anything else and the drive that follows is incredible. But arguably, failure is a more sound teacher than success. It can show you exactly what you’re made of when things get tough.

A setback is a bucket of cold water over your head that wakes you up at 5 in the morning to get you going. And learning from failures, missteps, and mistakes is what will set you up for future wins and successes. Here’s exactly what you can learn for the next time your plans go awry.

You Know Who You Need in the Future

The best team you can have…

antique alarm clock

Sticky notes are great for to-do lists. Not only do you get to cross things off a list, but you get to crumple up the note and toss it in the trash at the end of the day. And it’s oh-so-satisfying to see what you crossed off. But on hectic days it feels like you have no time to tackle one thing on the list, let alone all of them. And that feeling can spiral out until you’re overwhelmed and paralyzed.

With all the things that come up in life, it’s an amazing feeling when you can dust off your…

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