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Writer and lover of all things Millennial pink, marketing, and good-habit-forming. The opinions expressed here are only those of the author’s.


  • Michelle Bartonico

    Michelle Bartonico

    Senior Strategist and Project Manager at Trinity University. I write about higher education, marketing, project management, and a few wild hair topics.

  • Christopher Akinlade

    Christopher Akinlade

    Photoblogger | Muse | Writer | Life Documentor -

  • Laura Dawn Blewitt

    Laura Dawn Blewitt

    πŸ’œ Writer, Healer & Astrologer πŸ’œ πŸ’š Passionate about the soul πŸ’š Continue your journey πŸ‘‰

  • Stephanie 🐾

    Stephanie 🐾

    Femme fatale. Happy go lucky full-time traveller and writer based in the Southern Indian Ocean. Crime survivor and criminologist. African diaspora historian.

  • Jim Djahandari

    Jim Djahandari

  • Junaid Jamshed

    Junaid Jamshed

    Blogger with 100M+ views. β€” A Material Scientist, Tech, and Health Enthusiast. Inspiring the world through Personal and Organizational Development.

  • Carla Gundersen Ehrbar

    Carla Gundersen Ehrbar

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